Fascinating Model Steam Trains

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What comes to mind when you first think of a Model Steam Train? The splendor of a bygone era, romance, glamour, and the steam trains evokes all of this and much more.
Collection of model steam trains can be a fascinating hobby, and something that all ages would enjoy.
What Was the History of Model Steam Trains?
  • An ancient Greek geometer and engineer, Heron, fashioned the first steam engine as a toy during the first century AD that he dubbed the 'aeolipile', translating into 'wind ball'.
  • Steam came from a sealed pot that was filled with water, and then placed over a fire.
    Two tubes, coming up from the pot emerged, and the steam would flow into a spherical ball of metal.
    These metal spheres rotated, as the steam traveled though the series of tubes.
  • The time frame from 1890-1930 was the 'golden era' of steam trains, with the finest manufactured in the Nuremberg area of Germany, Bing, Falk, Marklin, whereas Mamod, Weeden, Jensen in the US, being the other brands.
  • By 1970's, only Jensen, Mamod, and Wilesco were the major makers of steam models.
Who are the Last Three Survivors of These Trains? Jensen Steam Engines- · Established in 1932, Jensen Steam Engines are still using the original tooling, dyes and hand craftsmanship to produce quality products in limited quantities in the U.
· Beside education models or the hobby models, they also produce a limited number of four Model 51 Steam Engine Power Plants per year, of which 2 are designed for private sales at $5000 each.
Mamod Company- · Founded in 1937, it is a British toy manufacturer specializing in live steam models with the name being a contraction of Malin Models.
· They manufacture both mobile and stationary models, with the stationary models, that have a distinctive red base with holes around the perimeter that fit Meccano.
· Their mobile models also include steam rollers, limos, fire engines, race cars, delivery vans and a London bus.
Wilesco Company- · Founded in 1912 by Wilhelm Schroeder and Ernst Wortmann, Wilesco, a German company, got its name from the initials of the two founding members.
· They also manufacture both mobile and stationary models and many prefer their mobile engines to the Mamod models, as they travel at a more realistic speed.
· Besides being functional, they are also work of arts, with the typical example of the D456, made in brass and black.
· They are now reintroducing electric heated boilers in addition to their tablet fire models.
You can purchase them online or from any of the hobby stores that carry them.
Collecting these model steam trains is a simple but expensive method, though you will not have the prestige of owning a classic or have felt the thrill of the hunt.
These trains are always a joy to see and whatever their size, they often hold the viewer in wonder because of how they were designed.
Seeing the steam coming out from the train as it passes by, it shows authenticity, it is realistic and majestic in its miniature state.
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