Why Dogs Make The Best Props For Attracting Beautiful Women

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A couple of days ago, I asked my long time guy friend to if he could look after my dog for a couple of days. To my surprise, my friend needed no convincing whatsoever. When I asked him where his dog watching enthusiasm was coming from he informed me that a cute little dog is one of the best props for getting the attention of beautiful women.

This information got me wondering and paying attention to guys who had dogs by their side. I started by calling my friend, Michael James, V.P. of development for MatchRanger.com, one of the greatest online dating sites. "Do you think that guys who have dogs attract more beautiful women", I asked. "There's a reason why they call it man's best friend", responded Michael. He agreed to post a mini survey on MatchRanger.com asking women to tell us what they thought of men who own dogs. The responses we received were very informative.

Insight #1 - Men with Dogs are Dependable
This seems quite understandable. Dogs have many needs such as walking, feeding, grooming, etc. To keep up with a dog takes plenty of time and commitment.

Insight #2 - Dog Lovers Do It Better

The majority of the beautiful women that responded to our survey thought that men with dogs were more likely to be extra affectionate in the bedroom. The women stated that when they watch a guy interacting with his dog, they perceive him as more tender and passionate. One woman commented, "If he can be this loving to his dog, imagine how he'll treat his lover!"

Insight #3 - Men with Dogs Make Committed Partners

If a man can devote himself to his dog, can he be a committed partner? The women surveyed on http://www.MatchRanger.com sure thought so! Being a dog owner requires a great deal of commitment and devotion. The general consensus seemed to be that if a guy can devote himself to his dog, he has date, boyfriend, and maybe even husband material stamped on him!

Being a Dog Owner = Attracting Beautiful Women

As a dog owner, I have to admit that I do have a soft spot in my heart for guys who love dogs. As I was doing my research for this article, I sat in an outdoor coffee shop watching guys pass by with their dogs. I couldn't help but wonder how many of them were like my friend. Sure, they might really care for their dog, but were they more in love with the interest they received from beautiful women?

Just as I was thinking this, a man with 6 small dogs sat at the table next to mine. At first, I thought he had taken his dog-loving ways a bit too far. A few seconds after he sat down however, there was a multitude of women all around him. They were petting his dogs while asking him all sorts of questions about his cute pups. A couple of women even decided to join him for coffee! In the middle of this madness, he looked over at me, smiled, and said, "What can I say; it's a dog's world!"

I watched this guy enjoy his afternoon while surrounded by beautiful women and his cute dogs. He even got a couple of phone numbers thanks to his adorable pups! I soon realized that he was absolutely correct. It really is a dog's world!

Dogs Are Man's Best Friend

The art of picking up beautiful takes a fair amount of 'game'. If you're a guy and you can manage to befriend man's best friend, you're creating a the illusion for beautiful women that you're all that and then some! As a bonus dogs make great pets as well as faithful companions. So what are you waiting for? Become a dog owner and let your lovable canine be the best prop you have for meeting beautiful women!
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