Advantages of an Elongated Toilet

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    • Most people choose an elongated toilet because it is a more comfortable toilet seat. The longer, oval shape provides a sturdier base and fits the human body naturally. A heavier or taller person will find that the elongated bowl is much easier to use. For the maximum in toilet seat comfort, consider purchasing an elongated toilet seat that has been specially contoured for comfort.


    • Elongated toilet seats are considered a premium toilet feature. Many people choose an elongated toilet for many of the same reasons they upgrade their countertops or flooring. An elongated toilet is a more stylish, luxurious toilet, for homes and businesses that take pride in the quality of their fixtures.


    • A taller toilet with an elongated bowl is considered a safer toilet. It meets the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and is a safer choice for the elderly. The higher, sturdier toilet is easier for physically disabled users and easier to transition to from a wheelchair.


    • The elongated toilet seat has many advantages but is not always the appropriate choice. Make sure the space for the toilet is large enough to accommodate the larger bowl. If you are replacing an existing fixture, measure from the wall to the closest bolt that holds the toilet to the floor. This will help you in choosing a toilet that will fit the area of the existing fixture and eliminate the need for additional cosmetic work.

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