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An MLM Fact: Top Earners Own Their Own System.
The internet has become the primary way to market products and services to the masses.
MLM is no exception.
The days of hotel meetings and cold calling leads are gone.
Those methods just can not compete with the huge global audience of the World Wide Web.
With hundreds of millions of people on the internet everyday, why is it that 97% MLM'ers fail? Well, a lot of the recent recruits into MLM have the misfortune of being taught by an upline who still believes in the old-school lead generation and marketing tactics of their heyday when they built their successful network marketing businesses.
Methods like prospecting friends and family, buying leads, cold-calling leads (who are often not even remotely interested in your high-priced products or business opportunity), home parties and hotel meetings.
Those tired old methods make most new marketers go broke, or at least sink deep into debt, before they even make any money.
They end up frustrated and discouraged, quitting before they've had any success.
Or, they learn to how to market their business on the internet.
Unfortunately, without the proper training, many of them find the technology and techniques involved are confusing and can be costly.
They end up frustrated and discouraged, quitting before they even make any money.
Suppose the upline of an MLM does use the internet to market it's company or product.
Is their system of lead generation too difficult or expensive for its downline to duplicate? Suppose you have found a way to market your business on the internet.
Is your system of lead generation too difficult or expensive for your downline? To increase your ability to succeed in marketing your product or MLM business opportunity on the internet, it has become crucial to have some kind of marketing or lead generation system to drive targeted traffic to your website.
A system to attract prospects that are already interested in the types of products, services you have to offer.
It would be to your advantage to have a customizable, duplicatable, automated lead generation system to effectively market your products or services.
A system that uses the theory of attraction marketing to drive potential customers into a sales funnel that ultimately leads to your business opportunity, thus building your downline.
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