How to Make an Acoustic Transducer

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    • 1). Unwind all strings, remove saddle-pins and pull the ball-end of each string out of the saddle.

    • 2). Place a towel over the saddle. Set a clothes iron to low heat and run it over the saddle for approximately five minutes. The heat from the iron melts the adhesive that bonds the saddle to the body of the guitar.

    • 3). Slide a palette knife under the corner of the saddle and gently push it into the saddle groove. Slowly jig the knife side-to-side to displace the saddle. Place the saddle to one side.

    • 4). Measure the length of the saddle.

    • 5). Clean the adhesive residue from the bottom of the saddle and the saddle groove with a rag and some naphtha-based cleaner.

    • 6). Drill a 1/8-inch hole in the center of the saddle groove.

    • 7). Cut the transducer wire so it is approximately 1/16-inch shorter than the length of the saddle. Cut the microphone wire to 3 inches.

    • 8). Strip one end of the transducer wire and both ends of the microphone wire to expose approximately 1/16-inch of braided metal.

    • 9). Solder the braided end of the transducer wire to one end of the microphone wire.

    • 10

      Drill a 1/4-inch hole in the side of the guitar, approximately 3 inches down from the strap button.

    • 11

      Feed the microphone wire through the 1/8-inch hole in the saddle. Reach into the sound hole and guide the wire out of the 1/4-inch hole.

    • 12

      Solder the braided end of the microphone wire to the input terminal of the 1/4-inch jack.

    • 13

      Slot the jack into the hole and secure the barrel of the jack to the side of the guitar with the supplied washer.

    • 14

      Make a shallow groove in the underside of the saddle, large enough for the piezo coax wire, using 80-grit sandpaper.

    • 15

      Apply a thin layer of glue to edges of the saddle.

    • 16

      Lay the saddle in the saddle groove. Use a bench clamp to hold the saddle against the guitar body over night so the glue can set.

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