French Acadian House Design Plan

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    • This is an historic style, typically with a porch, a gabled or steep roof and smaller windows, and at least one appropriately sized bay window. You'll want to determine if you will have an attached garage or not, as this will change the plan design. For many Acadian designs, the front door is placed in the center of the house, and if not, windows symmetrically are placed on each side to centralize the door on that given wall. This serves as a good way to balance out the presence of a garage.


    • Consider how much space you want vs. what you can achieve on the property you have. This will give the basic know-how to determine whether one needs to compromise on desired room space. Whether it is one bedroom or four bedrooms, each room should be given at least 100 square feet (10ft x 10ft) with a closet. These private rooms are likely hidden from the living and dining spaces and separated by a designated hallway.

    Shared Rooms

    • The kitchen, living room and dining room should be considered separate rooms that conjoin through doorways. This is the traditional method of designating the spaces, and is more like the French Acadian style. A smaller breakfast nook next to the kitchen but not connected to the dining room is common to find, which creates less formal dining.

    Finalizing Design

    • As there are numerous predetermined plans for this style, once you have decided on your needs and what can fit within your property, it is very helpful to look over the plans. One can always customize the design, but looking at other plans offers helpful examples to understand them spatially. If you do decide to customize vs. buy a plan that is predesigned, present your work to an architect who is known for working within or close to this residential style, as she will be necessary in the eventual building of the home.

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