Coin Operated Timers For Payphones

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Coin Operated Timers For Payphones

Communication in the modern world has taken very many forms and the telephone is one major means that has been used for a long time. To further improve accessibility, coin operated timers installed in payphones were manufactured to enhance communication. The payphones are often installed in public places and can be found in residential apartments, street corners, gas stations, malls, casinos, trains stations and airports.

The coin operated payphones found in buildings were usually installed by local telephone companies after an agreement with the landlord. The company pays rent for the phone or it can opt to share the revenue with the landlord instead of paying rent. Some payphones located in gas stations allow people to use them without leaving their cars.

History of payphones

Initially, payphones were manned by attendants who would collect cash from the callers for calls made. In 1889, coin operated timers were installed in these phones. Coins were inserted into the payphone after finishing the conversation - a post pay system. Every time a coin was inserted, it rang a bell. After that, the prepay coin operated timer was introduced. Telephone booths were later installed everywhere to ease communication.

Independent stores now started selling telephones. A lot of privately owned payphones with coin operated timers installed came into existence by the year 2000. Customer owned telephones with coin operated timers also became popular.

Advantages and disadvantages of the payphones

The advantage of the payphones with coin operated timers was that they limited the duration of the calls and revenue collection was made easier especially with the introduction of the prepaid option. The disadvantages noted with this system were that sometimes these payphones would breakdown and they were not repaired immediately. Vandalism was also a very common problem with these phones. The coin boxes would be broken and coins stolen.

In recent years, the number of payphones has declined in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and all over the world. The emergence of the cellular phone has given these phones stiff competition. Most people are opting to buy the cell phone for ease of communication and also because they can be carried around wherever they go.

The telephone has come a long way since it was first manufactured. We have seen the transformation from the post pay and prepay versions. Telephone companies have also struggled to stay in business and have introduced advances in technology to assist them. Unfortunately, they had to do away with the payphones that had coin operated timers which have slowly been phased off. Investing in the provision of services for the cell phone is now the way to go.
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