Inexpensive Driveway Repair Adds Value and Curb Appeal

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Over time root growth from trees extends under your driveway. As time passes, roots expand with growth. Eventually the root grows to the point where the driveway lifts up off the foundation. These cracks create liability where someone can trip and fall over a raised crack in your concrete drive. There are several things that can be done:

• Instead of tearing out the entire driveway and transporting all that weight to the dump, repave instead. Tear out only the affected part of your drive and expose the root material. Cut out the root material out and dispose. Compact the exposed area in preparation for re pouring the concrete back to its original level. Use water in your compaction to ensure better results. After a day your concrete is ready for repaving.

• Find a brick paver (A thinner version of a brick) that suits your taste. If you are married, have your wife pick the stone or brick, because, the person you choose to build your new drive will be a "General Contractor" not a "Marriage Counselor." A pallet of stone usually weighs about 3500 lbs. or a ton and half. A pallet of flagstone will cover 300 square feet of driveway. Now your drive is ready to be paved over the newly repaired area and the old concrete surface. New advances in cementitious glue additives allow the new pavers to be laid atop the old surface and stick permanently. In the future, should one or two stones come loose, they can easily be repaired without the entire driveway being torn up. Just replace your loose stones and re grout it with a sponge.

Re-paving saves money.

• Using old concrete as a base for pavers saves on demolition

• Save on re-pouring new driveway

• A driveway done in flagstone looks much better than plain concrete

• Flagstone & brick can be repaired without being able to tell it was repaired

• The bigger the driveway, the more you save!

Now that you are done and your driveway is functioning again, you will notice that the stonework looks much nicer than did the old concrete. You can color your grout to enhance the stones look. After the tenth compliment, you will ask yourself why you did not do it years before. Adding a stone lacquer can give it the wet look that your neighbors will envy.

The owner of Delphi Construction served as an apprentice brick tender at age 6 in Waterloo Belgium.

Chris Doctor is a licensed general contractor in the state of California.
Owner of Delphi Construction # 631583
Celebrating 20 years of building.

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Chris Doctor - EzineArticles Expert Author
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