Simple Internet Marketing Secret Blasts Your Response - Without Anyone Reading Your Sales Pitch

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Recently I was doing a marketing consultation with a woman who wanted to know how she could multiply the sales of her online promotions.
She had seen some of the tricks I use, and wanted to know if I had any ideas she could apply to her own products and services.
Here's what I told her: I said, one of the reasons my sites are so successful is not because I'm a genius or anything like that.
No, it's because I supplement my sales letters with audio.
In other words, you read my ads, then you have an option to listen to an interview on the subject.
Doing so always blasts my response, without exception.
And so I advised her to capture her passion for what she is selling on audio, by getting someone to interview her, and then put it on her site.
I know it sounds simple, but it works like gangbusters.
I'll give you an example.
I got an email this morning from a guy who had heard one of my interviews several months ago.
He never read the sales letter, he just listened to the audio download.
He heard me interviewing the author of a product I am selling and wanted to buy it.
He heard the passion and feeling in our voices.
It wasn't a sales pitch.
Yes, we mentioned the product.
But more importantly, we talked about what the product does.
When the author got going, he couldn't stop talking about it.
His passion came through and people listening can hear the sincerity.
People feel like they are being "let in" on something fascinating.
And not being bombarded with hype and huge claims.
Try it yourself and see what happens.
I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.
Just remember, the idea here is to add audio recordings to your online promotions or your site that are designed to sell -- but are not a flat out pitch.
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