A Zombie Or A Work From Home Business In Internet Marketing

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As I leave my home on my daily walk I noticed things didn't seem just right.
The smell of the flowers, the sound of the birds, and even the sunlight seems different today.
As I near the park a truck passes me, and driving the truck was a zombie.
I stand confused and didn't know what to think.
This was not the zombies we seen as children at the movie theaters.
This zombie seemed to be fully functional with little to no ambition, or drive just going through the daily motions.
As I approached the park I noticed the children playing tee ball.
Then again in the bleachers I see more zombies.
I continued my walk in a state of confusion and still again as I pass the shopping mall there are zombies everywhere.
They are not only placing their purchased items in their vehicles, they are working as security, and as employees of the mall.
I continued walking by the store fronts when I noticed a reflection of myself, and in this reflection I was a zombie also.
As I continued to walk my state of confusion worsens.
As I neared the subway station I realize this is the same path I used to walk to work.
I descended the stairs to the subway platform and all I could see was zombies everywhere.
Without a thought I knew I had to get out of there.
As I reached the top step exiting the subway it was as if I had taken my first breath of life.
I decided to return home, as I walked past the store fronts my image no longer looked like a zombie.
I looked around me and there are still zombies everywhere.
The closer I got to home I noticed the sounds of birds, the sky seemed brighter, and I can smell bread baking from the bakery nearby.
Once I was back home I had to figure out what just happened.
Then it hit me for years I walked that same path with little to no ambition, or drive as I went to work.
I went to and from work in the state of a zombie.
Till one day I decided to break the pattern, and look for a new way to make a living.
I no longer live my life without ambition or drive.
Today I am not a follower, I'm a leader in my own life.
I have broke away from the 9 to 5 and the daily grind that left me feeling like a zombie.
Internet marketing gave me a chance to start my own work from home business where I am not only the boss but, the leader, and creator of my own life.
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