Description of a Systems Analyst

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    • Systems analysts design, implement and manage information technology systems for companies and public institutions to help increase the performance and functionality of those organizations. This may involve developing a computer system that allows sales figures to be viewed in several retail locations simultaneously or constructing software to fit a specific business model. Systems analysts use technological applications to increase a company's efficiency.


    • Because information technology forms an integral part of business functionality across the board, systems analysts can find employment within a vast spectrum of organizations, from retail consortiums and banking institutions to government departments and charitable foundations. Some systems analysts work freelance, accepting commissions on a project-by-project basis, while other form part of a computer consultancy.


    • Most systems analysts have a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology or information systems management. This gives the required level of technical expertise. Others may secure a degree in business administration and pursue computer training as an auxiliary subject. Systems analysts should consider their education to be ongoing as technology in computer systems is continually evolving and the analyst should remain cognisant of all developments.


    • As of May 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics listed the average annual salary of a systems analyst working in the United States as $78,830. The pay for individuals will vary according to the type of company that they work for and their experience. Systems analysts who develop new, improved forms of computer systems will be able to secure excellent pay.


    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for systems analysts to increase, at least until the year 2018. As computer technology becomes more and more integrated into all levels of business and institutional activity, there will be an increasing call for qualified individuals to administer and develop these technologies.

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