Help With Leash Walking A Dog

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I have seen a lot of people injured by their dogs.
Most of the injuries came from the owner attempting to walk the dog on a leash.
Dogs are incredibly strong animals and when they are determined, it can be very difficult to control them on leash.
I have personally been dragged, tripped, yanked and wrapped up in the leash.
This article will hopefully help you avoid some of the mistakes and bruises I've experienced the last 20 years working with dogs.
It's important that you start out correctly with your dog.
After observing thousands of people with their dogs I have seen that much of the problem starts before the owner even starts to walk.
The owner will usually wrap the leash around their hand several times, try to verbally control the dog and then start walking.
As they are walking they attempt to physically control the dog.
The trick to leash walking is always making sure the leash is loose and slack.
As soon as there is any tension your dog will pull much harder.
Before you attempt to walk stand in one place.
Every time your dog pulls, simply pull back on the leash and put some slack into it.
Use both hands to pull back and put slack back into the leash.
If done correctly your dog will start to stand at your side with no tension in the leash.
Once you have this level of control you can start walking with your dog.
One of the best collars to use is the gentle leader head collar.
It is a very effective collar and it is impossible for your dog to pull with this collar on.
It works so well because your dog can't put any tension into the leash.
If you remember that tension in the leash is the real reason dogs pull and work to prevent it, your days of being dragged behind a leash are over!
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