3 EASY Ways To Explode Your Online Income in 90 Days (Even If You Are Ready to Give UP Today!)

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Who else is struggling to earn a full time living online? Are you sick and tired of hearing how well everyone else is doing, while you stumble, fumble and frustrate yourself to the point of giving up completely? Are you sick and tired of the "guru's", the secrets and the silliness that tells you that earning a million dollars a month in your pajamas is a simple mouse click away? If you are anything like I once was, the simple truth is that all of the online marketing "magic" starts to get overwhelming, and rather than inspire you...
it starts to get downright DEPRESSING to read..
) The good news? There are simple, structured and sequential things you can do each and every day that will exponentially increase your business, your brand...
and your BANK account to boot.
I'm going to share 3 of them that have worked amazingly well for me, and will do the same for you if you apply them...
and the best part is they are either free, or cost very little to launch.
1 - Create a Content Marketing Strategy I don't care if you an affiliate, or selling your own suite of services.
Creating OFFSITE content that you use to drive traffic back to your website is the best way to get INSTANT traffic, and build a list of readers or subscribers, from your very first day.
This is NOT the sort of content you are going to post on your blog or website, but rather, submit to article and press release directories, and other high value, well established portals within your niche that will give you INSTANT exposure, often to millions of people passionate about your niche, almost "overnight".
(article marketing is the most traditional example of this approach, although there are much more sophisticated strategies as well) 2 - Ask Questions (and offer Answers) This is my FAVORITE blog building strategy, bar none.
Quite simply, I create a topical niche blog in my market, or as an affiliate, and for 90 days I do nothing other than ask questions and offer answers that are being searched for in the niche.
There are very inexpensive blog solutions that will turn a traditional blog or website into a Q and A style community site for UNDER $50 bucks, and the search engines love these style sites.
(as do people looking for answers in a niche...
which is the vast majority of folks doing the searching) I recently launched one of these in a demonstration for a group of entrepreneurs, and only 2 and a half weeks in, this new community is getting LOTS of love from folks looking for answers in a very specific niche.
(And making money to boot!) 3 - Cooperate with your Competition This is so easy to do...
yet no one does it.
If you are selling a product or service, all you need to do is get a list of your competitors.
Search them out much the way you'd look for anything else online.
Sign up for their lists or newsletters where offered.
Get their contact information if not.
If you get a list of 100 "authority" sites within your niche and simply let them know you have a product or service that would compliment THEIR content, or their community...
you'll be amazed at how many people will agree to promote YOUR offers to their list.
(especially of course, if you create an affiliate program that compensates them for doing so...
which is SUPER cheap and easy to do) The truth is, there are so many easy ways to grow your business, right now...
in this very moment, that DON'T require any gurus, or fancy pants philosophies or expensive ebooks, that it's actually embarrassing! I just shared 3...
and I'm hoping that you try one of them, or all of them.
and make THIS the year you "CRUSH it" from home! (or from anywhere else in the world you want to work.
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