Air Purifiers - Basic purchase tips

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Certain household items that were never thought of in years gone but are now common place in todays society. One of these are air purifiers in a world of every increasing pollution and smog. An example of this is the Bejing Olympics where the athletes are going to be breathing in smog that is 15 times stronger than London, England. For this reason you are seeing more and more asthma and inhalers so here are some small tips to getting the right one.

The first thing is to do some homework. It is very easy to walk into a shop, pick the first one you see and away you go. The problem with that is they all have limitations to what they can handle so measure the proposed room and make sure the air purifier you get is upto the job at hand. To be sure get one that has that extra capacity then you know you will get the desired effect you are looking for out of your product.

The kind of use the room is put in to dictates what kind of filter you would be needing. If someone smokes in your family then you would be needing one of those air purifiers with activated carbon filter which will be able to absorb the cigarette smoke. If you happen to have a pet then the pet odur and particles etc will be tackled better by a HEPA filter. HEPA is an acronym for "high efficiency particulate air". Basically HEPA is a type of filter that can trap a large amount of very small particles. This is ideal for rooms that will be under larger attack from such elements as pets and the germs they bring into a house.

If you are buying a HEPA purifier then also be sure you check the noise levels. As you can imagine, these purifiers do that bit more than ionizer models and as a result might be over powering when put in a room that is constantly in use.

This maybe goes without saying but keep your ionizers as clean as possible. If you want it to do a purifying job it will not perform as hoped if it dirty. If use filter purifiers also check to see how often the manufacturer suggests the filter should be changed. If this is regularly then a purifier that is cheap to buy might end up being expensive to keep so check the small print before your final choice is made.
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