Real Estate LeadsHow To Take Any Lead Generation Method And Make It Work For You

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Are you trying to use a new method to generate real estate leads but not sure how to get started? Here is your answer.

There are many different ways to get real estate leads. I'm sure you've heard a lot. So, how do you actually make any of those methods work for you? Here are some simple steps to follow that will jump-start your lead generation with what ever method you choose.

1. Select the method you want to use.
2. Identify the main parts.
3. Prioritize the main parts.
4. Fill in the gaps.

Sounds easy right. Do this with me as we go through it for a method of your choosing. Write out the main parts to the method you've chosen to generate leads. This would be the big things that you can easily think of. These need to be done in order to make the method work at getting leads. This could be the stuff you heard at a seminar or training class. It could be the bits and pieces you got from a fellow real estate agent.

Next, you need to figure out what parts are the most important. At this point you are only working with the parts of the method you already know about. Write out this prioritized list on paper.

Here's the fun part. Your homework is to fill in the gaps to make it possible for you to start using the system to actually generate leads. Don't worry, you can actually do this. To start, think about the end goal you want to achieve with this lead generation method. This will drive all else. Second, imagine yourself actually performing each step of the method. This could be phone calling, emailing, etc. By doing this you will start to see what needs to be done that fills the gaps between those main parts you already have listed.

When you visualize doing the activity from start to finish it will help you to understand the workings of the system you're trying to use to generate leads. You'll find that ideas will start coming to you. Make sure you write them all down even if you think some of the ideas are dumb. After a while of brain storming, go back over your notes. Re-write everything in chronological order. This will now be your step-by-step instruction manual for this lead generation method.

After you finish this process, you may find you still have gaps. Don't freak out and give up. What this means is that you need to find a little more information. As you know, the internet is a great source of free information. Do a little research and it will surprise you when you find the little extra bits you need to complete your lead generation instruction manual. You can ask another agent for their thoughts on the particular piece you are missing to complete your manual. Make sure the agent you ask is qualified to give good advice.

This process works because it is exactly what I do to create many effective systems I use to run my business. I think the key here is writing it down. This allows you to review your lead generation method to see where you can improve. If you never get started you will never know success!

Wow! Check out what you just did. Bet you didn't think you could do it. You just need to believe that you can find a way to make it work and you will.
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