Alternative Uses For Flowers - Flower Colour Therapy

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It has been proven in studies that colours can have an effect on the body and mind.
Different colours can balance out energy in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of the body.
The most consistent and preferred way of introducing colour therapy is through the use of flowers.
Floral arrangements in the garden, home or office can enhance the effect the colours are having on senses and can inspire emotions and feelings.
Want to introduce flowers for colour therapy? Here's a lowdown of the colours and what feelings they can encourage: Red Red flowers can stimulate vitality and physical strength.
It is the colour of love and energy, having red flowers around you will help with enthusiasm and give you courage, determination and willpower.
Red flowers are often used to help people who feel depressed or tired to help stimulate their minds.
However, sometimes having too much red can be over powering, and make people feel irritable or angry.
Orange Orange is a great colour to help those who are pessimistic and negative towards life or a certain aspect in it.
Being in the presence of the colour orange can be soothing and provides the feeling of wellbeing and good health.
It also makes people feel sociable and lifts spirits in those who feel exhausted.
Orange floral arrangements are particularly useful in the living room at home or at special occasions as it encourages people to talk.
Yellow Yellow can aid with concentration, it allows people to use their brains more effectively and stimulate intelligence.
It is a colour that can be used to inspire and make people feel optimistic.
It can encourage you to see the positive in things, but again too much of this colour can stimulate stress so it's best to keep it low key.
Flowers that are yellow in colour are good to have in the workplace as it can make people perform better without being too distracting.
Green The colour of earth and nature - this represents rejuvenation and change.
Green encourages people to feel peace, tranquillity and hopefulness.
This colour is often used to help people meditate.
Having green, earth coloured plants and flowers in your home can enhance your appetite and help people who suffer from restlessness.
It can also give the illusion of increasing space.
Blue This colour has a cool, cleansing effect on the mind - the idea of detoxifying your mind and soul, it can help steady heart rate and reduce bloody pressure.
It can also assist those who have trouble sleeping or suffer from anxiety.
This is a good colour to use in rooms where you want to 'wind down.
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