How to Fail on the Internet - Advertising

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Now you have your site set up, it is time to start sending traffic to it. And this means advertising.

It's all very well for those who are already successful saying - send one e-mail to your list - job done! You don't have a list, so that option isn't open for you.

So you look at ways to advertise. On-line and offline.

Offline means newspapers and journals. And they are expensive. So get a batch - three for 10% off would save some money - not much - but "every little helps". We are told that people don't buy from one advert; you really need about seven before they actually do anything.

Always phone the paper in good time to be sure you get your advert in; last minute rushes may be cheaper, but who wants to rush this?) And leave the positioning of the advert up to them - they know here there is space. Just trust the editor to be kind to you.

And, if you are advertising in a newspaper or journal, then you might as well skip the web site and simply offer the product. Whatever you decide, be sure to make the contact details as opaque as you can, you really don't want top be bothered with phone calls, and their e-mail is quite likely to be deleted. Just tell them to write in with a cheque (since you don't offer credit card payments because that is: a) a hassle and b) you couldn't be bothered to set it up and c)you want to get your hands on their money, now. (Seeing is believing.) But do remember to give your full address and post code! That way you can be sure of a cascade of junk mail hitting your letter box in the next days and weeks ahead.

On line is quicker - but it can be very expensive if you use Google adwords without fully understanding the system. Still, it all looks simple enough and you are keen to get on with it, so don't bother to read the small print - it will turn out OK. (It won't!) Of course there are other search engines you could use - and they may be cheaper, so you should spend some time looking at them and forget about Google, yet another time-wasting strategy to help you to fail on the internet.

Yo may choose to learn to use "Solo Ads", which might work for some things, and requires chapter solely for themselves.

Then there are the free ways to advertise. If you don't want quick results these may be for you, since what you lose in time you don't lose in money. An example would be a site where you look at ether people's ads and gain points for so doing, which you can use to |"pay " for your ad to be shown. You may enjoy doing this as the ads provide another source of instruction for you - and you wile b tempted to look at some of them and even click on a few - and before you know it it will be coffee time, or even lunch time.

Advertising really is a minefield, of false information and high costs - so this is where you will lose most of you money, most easily!

The title of this article should be "How to waste money on the Internet", because that is most likely what you will do - and to really fail properly, you must spend beyond your budget.

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