How To Speed Up Windows 7 Startup

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One of the funny things about computers is the fact that we always want them to go faster, and tons of people want to know how to speed up Windows 7 startup.
Now, some of these people already have computers that start up quickly and they're simply looking for some ways to go that extra mile.
Others are having real problems with slowdown and want to pull their computer out of the digital tar pits.
What Causes Windows 7 to Start Up Slowly? While Windows 7 natively runs a lot faster and features a lot less bloatware than Windows Vista, it still comes with its share of features that eat up its processing power and slow down your startups.
Here are some of the most common features that tend to slow down your system.
  • The special "Aero" graphics of your browsers.
    The most commonly unused features are the ability to make browsers invisible, and the ability to snap browsers together and to the sides of your screen.
  • The Sidebar that automatically starts whenever you start your computer.
    Most people don't need a sidebar filled with widgets and programs that they don't really use to begin with.
  • Most people's copies of Windows are NOT set to maximize the performance of their systems and instead are set to save some power.
How to Speed up Windows 7 Startup Fixing these features is actually a pretty simple, easy and painless process that will make your startups (and general Window's functioning) faster than it's ever been.
  • To disable these pointless visual features, all you have to do is go to your Control Panel and look for a section that's called Ease of Access.
    There is a box at the bottom that refers to how easy it is to focus on tasks- click it.
    Then find the box talking about automatic arrangements and unclick it.
    Finally go to Properties on the taskbar and disable what's called Aero Peek.
  • Turning off your sidebar is as easy as pulling up its Properties and deselecting the option to launch this feature on startup.
  • Turning up the performance power of your system is also easy, as all you have to do is to pull up the Power section within your Control Panel and then to select the highest performance settings available to you.
Eliminating Extra Drag with a Registry Cleaner If you really want to know how to speed up Windows 7 startup, than you need to learn about registry cleaners.
I registry cleaner is just a small piece of software that will go into your system and find damaged and empty entries in your registry and remove them for you.
Not only will this streamline all of your computer's functions, but it will also prevent other files from being damaged.
Your registry cleaner will be your secret weapon when it comes to how to speed up Windows 7 startup.
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