Dribble, Pass, Shoot - Tracey Walker Sinks A Three Pointer

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It was day two, the final day of Live The Dream hosted by My Lead System Pro (MLSP).
After hearing from legends like Mike Dillard, Cedrick Harris, Todd Falcone, Nicole Cooper and the others.
One would think just about everything there was to cover, would have covered.
Not so.
Tracey blew out of the gate with: ACT, AS, IF...
She made it clear that she didn't say, Fake It Until You Make It, but to ACT, AS, IF.
Her analogy paralleled basketball, she asked if we though that when Michael Jordan was growing up, did he ACT, AS, IF he was already the number one player in the NBA.
The same for Kobe and all the other superstars.
She went on to say that as kids, everything is possible but as adults, we start putting all kinds of restrictions and doubts on ourselves.
Thus making it difficult to become a superstar or a leader.
Do you want to become a leader she asked? Well then, ACT, AS, IF! How would you act if you already had 50,000 people on your list? What kind of system would you create for your team? ACT, AS, IF...
So what if you only have a small number of followers on your team or list, treat it as you already have it! Look at what the other leaders in the industry are providing for their teams and emulate them.
Provide value and training, set up a system that will be easy for them to duplicate.
Tracey went on to talk about the 3 fundamental parts of basketball.
Dribble, Pass and Shoot.
You need to practice all 3 fundamentals.
Dribble She equated this with NOT focusing on other people's success.
Focus on what will improve YOU! Do what is necessary to get your business down the court, closer to the basket so you can take the shot! Personal development is key and will help you to communicate with your prospects and team.
Pass Go out there and be the star! Interact with your team, provide value, help them build, do three-way calls.
This business is best built through team efforts.
Practice on being the leader of the team.
Shoot Practice your shooting, take the long shot.
Such as going for NO each and every day when you prospect.
Make it a point to talk and prospect with people everyday.
Michael Jordan didn't become a superstar sitting around wishing and reading about basketball.
He was out on the court everyday, practicing his craft.
You need to be doing the same.
Thinking and Doing are completely different beasts.
Doing will take you where you want to go! So remember, even if you're not where you want to be, YET, you need to ACT, AS, IF.
People will see you as a leader and naturally want to follow you.
Continue daily practicing your Dribble, Passing, and Shooting in order to reach your goals.
It was an amazing two-day event not to have been missed.
My advice to any Network Marketer is, whenever you have the opportunity to attend an event like this, or any educational seminar, make sure to get yourself there.
Investing in YOU is one way to guarantee success in your home based business.
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