10 Mistakes Your Making In Your Sales Copy - And One Good Solution To Each of Them!

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Not using a powerful headline.
The headline is the most important part of your promotion.
Tests have shown that benefit orientated headlines pull best.
'The Amazing Money Making Secret From A Desperate Nerd From Ohio' - Don't try to be clever.
Stick to benefit headlines.
Not establishing your credibility in the clearest most succinct way possible.
Why should they listen to you? What is your background? Experience? What success or (failures) make you an expert on this subject? Remember people buy from EXPERTS.
Not establishing the 'problem' your prospect is facing.
Allowing them to experience the 'pain', which will make them want to buy the solution you're offering.
This can be done directly by saying, 'are you suffering from x, or it can be done in the 1st person story form I.
e ' I used to be broke etc.
TIP: The personal story option is very powerful.
Some of the most successful sales pages, use BOTH approaches.
Not proving your claims.
The easiest way to increase the response of your sales pages is to add proof.
If you don't want to break up the text of your sales page, then testimonials can be added in side bar boxes spread throughout your page.
Overcomplicating your product or service.
Remember no one wants to read advertising.
Therefore you must make your promotion effortless to read.
That means use simple words.
You may have a wonderful vocabulary that I'm sure you're proud of.
And you should be.
But in 99% of cases you should save it for the SCRABBLE championship.
;) 6.
Not addressing scepticism up front.
Two easy ways to do this is to either use a FAQ section, where you address all the reasons why the prospect will NOT buy, and address each of those.
OR have a section in your sales page where you tell them what your product is NOT about.
'It is NOT a get rich quick scheme' It does NOT require experience.
Etc' 7.
Not explaining why your product/ service is different from the other products or services in your market.
(Crucial in saturated marketers like weight loss or the income boosting industry.
) 8.
Not taking away the sale: Tell them who your product or service is NOT for.
This causes your prospect to realise they may NOT qualify to get your product, which causes them to want it more.
Not providing them a reason to Buy NOW.
Nothing converts higher than scarcity.
Which is why its so widely used.
e This offer is only for the first 200 who order.
Or we only have 2000 copies left etc.
Not using an amazing guarantee.
I've seen the use of a powerful guarantee alone provide a 500% increase the response to an online sales page.
Companies like Domino's pizza have dominated whole industries simply through the power of a guarantee: delivered fresh in 30 minutes So how powerful is your guarantee? Are using the same anaemic weak, and unimpressive 60 day click bank guarantee that your prospect has seen a million times? ...
Or are you being AMAZING.
How would you feel about choosing between a product that offers a 60 day guarantee and one that offers a 12 month 500% £1000 money back guarantee? ...
Tell me, all things being equal, which product would you choose? There you have it.
10 of the most 10 deadline mistakes people are using in their sales pages - and one good solution for each.
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