Simple Steps to Search Engine Top Placement

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Attaining search engine top placement is vital to an internet marketer or anyone who is using the internet to gain exposure.
Ideally you want to use the power of Google and Yahoo to drive traffic to your website.
With the millions of people online today, simply creating a website will not drive help people discover it.
Do a search for the term "make money" and you will find out that you are competing with millions of other people for that keyword.
The key of search engine top placement is in finding low competition - high search volume keywords.
When writing an article or creating a webpage, follow these simple steps.
Select a keyword that is related to the information, service or product on your website.
Research the competition.
Find out how many other people have websites for that keyword combination.
You want keywords with fewer than 10,000 organic results for the best chance of getting placed on the first page of Google.
Adjust your keyword.
Use a keyword research tool.
(I use the one in Wealthy Affiliate, but Google has a great one as well.
) Alter the keyword combinations to figure out which one has high monthly searches, but low competition.
Optimize your website or article for Google.
Search engines don't just pick up on popularity and backlinks, but also relevance.
You want to aim for having your keyword appear on your website about 2-3% of the time.
Having your keyword more than 4% will get your website marked as spam.
Anything less that 1% and the search engines may not feel that it is relevant.
Improve your chances of search engine top placement by using an article directory.
Article directories have huge popularity and you will be leveraging their popularity to get your article ranked higher.
Write an article for an article directory and have it linked to your website.
The benefit of search engine top placement is that you will receive free traffic to your website.
This may result in more sales for your product or greater exposure for your company.
You can get ranked on the first page of Google if you follow these simple steps.
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