Online dating - Tips for attracting Thai men

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Thai is one of the most gender-equality nations in the world so this is the last place you need to be wary of caveman-like behavior. Thai men are more likely to chip in with the housework (without being nagged!) and help with the kids than their international counterparts. So go ahead and flirt without a care!

Most dating singles quickly and automatically understand the rules of attraction through trial and error. However, here are some ground rules that need to be followed no matter what:

  • Rule #1: Be Natural – yeah, you've heard this one before, but do you actually follow it? So many otherwise clever, confident and elegant young women pretend to be ditsy bimbettes or worse over-stress their sexuality through in-your-face clothing or behavior in an effort to attract men. What they don't realize is that trying too hard is often more harmful than not trying at all. Many men are completely put off by such overt or artificial behavior and you'll only end up shooting yourself in the foot.

  • Rule #2: Take the time to get to know each other – it is important to have some kind of common ground with a person before you indulge in any form of Online dating. This does not mean that you should mask your intentions when you first start friends talk to the guy; just make it clear that you just want to indulge in some mutually interesting conversation for the moment. Draw him out on his hobbies and passions and don't worry if it looks like you have nothing in common. Just acknowledge the fact openly and ask him to help you learn more (or else offer to educate him in some of your hobbies).

  • Rule #3: Always, Always be clear about your intensions – Please don't play coy, clueless or hard to get. There is a mistaken notion among many Online dating or ???????????? singles that this is a sure way to get a man interested in you but trust me, it's dishonest and will just get you an unpleasant reputation as a ‘tease'

Finally, you need to keep in mind that men are not a different species or anything! In fact, they are pretty much like men all over the world except for some much appreciated bonuses like innate sense of gentlemanliness and courtesy.
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