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Daegan Smith has gathered folks who are interested in learning about marketing into his inner circle called "MAXIMUM LEVERAGE.
" Now first of all, isn't that a 'cool' name for a gathering of marketers.
Daegan is a beautiful man who has made a lot of money online.
He knows how the internet works and he knows how to make money online.
And because many people are interested in using the internet for their businesses they have come to Daegan for help.
I got introduced to Maximum Leverage and Daegan Smith, through his students.
He had a contest a few weeks ago and then another one just recently.
Both contests required his students to submit a video on what is a marketing breakthrough tip that has made a difference in your business.
The winners received either lifetime memberships intoMaximum Leverage or a year membership.
At this moment, I am not an inner circle member because I am checking these guys out! Due diligence is important in finding a match for ones learning.
Well I have listened to all of the videos that have been submitted, including my own and I have learned so much, just from the contest entries.
Over 50 people felt inspired to share tips that were crucial to their businesses.
They were inspiring and absolutely informative to me.
I have learned so much that it makes me wonder, WHAT IS INSIDE THAT INNER CIRCLE?? Let me tell you just a few things that I have learned: a.
) the importance of backlinks, b.
) keywords (how to find great ones), c.
) how to maximize your article writing (for example, if you write an article you should always publish it on your blog first and then about a week later on the article marketing sites like Ezine, d.
) the importance of building a relationship with your list e.
) how to submit your one article to many sites for maximum leverage.
I have been learning from a few of the master trainers online for the past four months with the desire to find a home where I can learn from a great teacher and their students, as well as where I may be able to offer my own wisdom.
What I like most about Daegan Smith is "yes he knows his content," in other words he knows how to market and get good results and EQUALLY IMPORTANTLY for me, he is a person who knows how to inspire and uplift.
He calls himself the "KING OF NEVER HAVING TO CALL LEADS"..
and for me, he is the "KING OF THE LITTLE THINGS.
" What are the little things?? Well Daegan Smith takes time to comment on your videos and to comment on your Facebook comments and to give you a thumbs up for this or that.
Now as a psychologist and teacher, I know that these are the key things that make a good teacher, OUTSTANDING.
Absolutely, one must know their content but equally important is to know how to inspire and uplift others.
We can all remember back to the teacher who did that little extra, to give us a beautiful comment on our paper or to smile at us or any of these gestures that seem small but they are HUGE.
They can make the total difference between success or not.
As a teacher, I know this for sure.
This contest is an example of LEVERAGING THE WISDOM OF HIS STUDENTS.
It has been a privilege and honor to be witness to all of this even before I join Maximum Leverage.
Thank you Daegan Smith and all people who entered the contests.
To learn more about Maximum Leverage go to Facebook or 'maximumleverage.
com' Now I could go on and on but what I would like to do is share two video links here so you can listen to his students yourself.
These two will inspire you to want more and you can view most of the contest entries on Daegans Facebook pages, Maximum Leverage or Daegan Smith.
They are so worth watching if you want some great marketing tips.
These are two of my favorites: Herold Souter http://www.
Andrea Kropp http://www.
Now to just close by saying that I do not do anything anymore unless it 'FEELS GOOD' to me because I understand that 'FEELING GOOD' is the key to an amazing life and all the things I am wanting.
As many of you know, the Law of Attraction is one of my favorite topics and this is one of the teachings that has changed me forever.
As Daegan Smith would say "SEE YOU AT THE TOP"..
at the top of your game, at your happiest! Come on over to my websites below and learn more!!!
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