SEO Optimization Tips

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Having trouble understanding SEO? I know I was when I started to try to rank high in the search engines.
I didn't know how to.
So how do you get listed in search engines like Google, Yahoo and others? Well I'm going to explain some SEO optimization tips.
Don't be frustrated.
I was there to.
I did struggle for some time to get things right.
When I started to get the hang of it Google mixed up the algorithms so we needed to learn some new strategies.
What I will explain is some technique that usually won't change.
You need content that is relevant to the site.
Search engines are by far smarter than your average bear.
Ha Ha.
The Google Bot which does the spidering of the websites and then places them in the Google index is a force that people need to respect.
What it does is that it looks over the entire website.
It looks to see if the information is relevant and makes a decision.
It also check to see if you have more than one page.
The more pages you have the better chance you have of being ranked higher.
When it chooses to pick your site it will than see what keyword or words to list it under and where to rank it.
Optimizing your website: Content Content is so important that if you just write content that is not relevant to the website the search engines won't like it.
There also needs to have some bulk to it.
Meaning you need form paragraphs with meaning.
The number of words you should have is anywhere from 300-500 words on all web pages.
Keyword density When you have the right keyword you can't have it splattered all over the site.
The density should be between 2% and 5%.
You will have a better chance to get listed for this keyword.
Multi-page As I mentioned before having more pages is important to the search engines.
If you have only one landing page with no links to other pages within the same domain, your site may never rank high.
You need to make more pages and link them together.
Remember, they must be relevant.
Title You should have a good title.
The keywords must be in the title.
When you get listed the search engines will have your title tag as the first line of their listing.
Incoming links Link exchanges were popular many years ago, but these days have little effect.
Try to get one way links or pages that link to your site and don't link back.
Get links from the same industry partners, like forums, and social bookmarking sites.
Focus Keywords This is important.
Focus on keywords that don't have millions of indexed sites.
You won't get very far if you choose these.
These SEO optimization tips is really for everyone.
Remember to choose your content that relates to your site and to have quality content.
You should have at least 300 words on your page or post.
Try to have more than 1 page and link them together and always have your keywords in the title.
Don't go finding keywords that is saturated in any particular area.
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