Katadyn Hiker Purifier Cleaning Instructions

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    Field Cleaning

    • 1). Remove the top handle and spout by turning it counterclockwise. Set these pieces aside on a clean cloth.

    • 2). Remove the ceramic pre-filter that sets on top of the filter cartridge. Clean the ceramic pre-filter with the green scrub-pad provided with the system, Clean the pre-filter until the it turns a lighter color.

    • 3). Twist the Hiker cartridge counterclockwise. Unscrew the filter and pull it out of the bottle.

    • 4). Swish the cartridge around in water until the color lightens. Do not allow any contaminated water into the cartridge's output barb while you're rinsing.

    Cleaning and Storing

    • 1). Add 2 tsp. of bleach to 1 L of water. Run the liter of water through the pump.

    • 2). Pump the unit until the water is purged. Remove the filter cartridge and let it dry for at least three days.

    • 3). Run 1 L of fresh water through the system before your next trip. This flushes the unit for optimal performance.

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