Google Panda Update and Your SEO Plan - 2 Major Pieces

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There are a lot of things going around the world of search engine marketing, and people that aren't familiar with the changes that come every few months are scrambling to figure out what the latest Google Panda update is going to do for their websites and clients.
If you've subscribed to a plan that should garner you a lot of attention online and haven't heard about this latest update, you need to think about certain elements that will directly change the way you do your business on the Internet.
The following will explain a few of the finer points to take care of in the process of understanding what t his means for your ongoing efforts to conquer the web in any niche or marketplace.
First and foremost, low hanging fruit in terms of backlinks are no longer going to help you rank in both search engines and beyond.
Some people previously were gaming the system by purchasing or even aligning themselves with thousands of websites and low hanging page rank.
Some of these links were situated in high traffic areas, hidden from view, and part of a larger web of search engine optimization.
If the plan of action in the past was to get as many backlinks as possible without worry of the quality, simply because it was working just fine, your website, blog, and just about every other web property is most likely going to sink or is already sunken into the abyss of lost website page rank.
Panda completely shuts down low quality links and tosses the penalties on webmasters in a harsh way.
The second thing that this new update does is checks for quality content.
Quality content is the key to gaining a foothold with any sort of authority within websites.
Traffic is important to any website, and getting it with high quality content is one of the things that keep high rolling webmasters in the black.
If you want to be one of those, it's imperative that you remove or isolate all content that could be considered low quality or repetitive in any way.
You will be fined in the page rank scheme of things.
If you are still stuck in the same rut of building search engine optimized websites, and you are hoping that the latest updates don't change things for you, then you're going to have to switch things up fast.
Make sure that upon reading this you look at your strategy, change the formatting of backlinks, write new content, and be ready to change things up from time to time.
Search engines rank sites that are consistently getting better, and that doesn't mean repetition.
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