Selling To Groups Why This Increases Sales Results

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Selling to groups can be daunting for many new sales representatives. In fact any sales representatives. We can all suffer from nerves I know and yet standing in front of more than a couple of people seems to make many a sales professional shake.

The truth is that selling to groups can be incredibly powerful and can result in increased revenue and profit. How come? Let us think about it. It may be obvious to some people reading this and yet for other sales people not so. Imagine the scenario. You are aware that potential new client A and B are about half an hour away from each other. A is running late and yet you are desperate to see her. B on the other hand could give you an order that will make a significant difference to your bottom line. What do you do? Ouch I hear you say. I know we have all been in that situation. Imagine though, if potential new client A and B and their contacts C, D, E and F were all in the room together, and you could sell to this group all at once?

Every sales persons dream. Definitely every sales manager that wants their team to exceed target.

This is known as the power of leverage. Leveraging your time and impact in one go. Potentially in our scenario, moving six prospects further along the adoption pathway for your product or service.

Selling to groups of course is just one way to improve your sales results. We are not saying that the traditional one to one selling interaction does not work. It does and incredibly well. Selling to a group gives you a way to influence and position you're offering to more people.

This is a skill that any sales professional needs to master. In reality the buying decision and the process of selling has changed. No longer can you just turn up at an appointment and walk away with an order. The bigger the organisation the more likely it is that you will have to sell to a group to gain commitment. Buying nowadays often happens by committee. In some case you might even have to be approved as a supplier to an organisation, before they can purchase what you have to offer.

The initial interaction may be a one to one discussion. This then leads on to a presentation to the interested parties. Here is where the magic starts to happen when you are selling to groups. The power of influence kicks in and it can work to your advantage.

If you are being asked to present the chances are that the organisation have an interest in what you have got. You now have an opportunity to demonstrate why your company, product, or service should be the one to go with. Top tip it is not just the features of your product. It is about how you interact and influence that group. How you structure what you say and the questions you ask. Your body language, your personal brand, and how you communicate your offer. 

The financial return for you can be huge as long you, as a sales professional have a process for selling to groups that works.
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