Five Parts to a Quality Conversation

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Are You Having the right conversations with prospects? I recently was on a training call with a very strong leader in the online marketing and home based business industry by the name Aaron Rashkin and his break down of a quality conversation is just to good.
As a basic rule you should be having at least 5 quality conversations daily.
during these conversations there are five steps you should be taking to ensure you get the result you're looking for out of those conversations.
On this training call Aaron goes on to break down the five steps.
Step 1.
Your greeting; Stay up beat and friendly and remain loose and natural.
Don't start off sounding like a robot.
you should open with something like: hello Jane (your name) here how are you doing today listen if asked how you are reply don't gloss over the question and shoot right onto your pitch this only leads your lead or prospect to think your not really interested in much more than pitching your offer.
Remember to just be natural.
Step 2.
Your statement; Don't end your statement as a question.
What this means is When you say hey Jane I See you signed into my web site today.
End it at that don't allow yourself to put a question mark on the end of that statement by either raising your tone or inflection.
Your just stating a fact.
Step 3.
Your question; This is where you will ask your question.
For example, So Jane what is it you're looking for in a home based business or whatever your offer is.
Stop and listen It is key that you can identify the reason your prospect may be looking for what you have to offer.
Step 4.
The connection; This is where you get to know your prospect.
Aaron uses this acronym: O.
so what kind of work do you do Jane? F.
do you have children Jane? be interested in your prospect.
what do you like to do for fun Jane? Do you often have the time to do that? M.
find out why they are looking for what you are offering.
remember be interested in them don't allow yourself to become the spot light even if you have common interests stay focused on them.
There is a great deal more to this break down and there is no way I could do it the justice that Aaron has but if you follow this link you can listen to a recording of this training call and it will truly open your eyes to the conversations you should be having.
The fifth step in this is your call to action.
This is really where you must be firm you never want to say things like here's what I want you to do next or this is what I think you should do.
These are both no good.
What you want to say is.
Okay Jane your next step is to go to wherever you are sending them whether it be an opt in page or whatever you want to be direct about the next step your prospect needs to take.
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