How to Get Along With Your Roommate

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Living with someone in a dorm room or an apartment can be a mixed blessing.
You certainly want to get along with that person for the sake of keeping a harmonious environment all throughout the school year.
Otherwise, you will definitely experience one of the toughest times in your university life.
Practice the Roommate Etiquette For the sake of a peaceful room, it is very vital that you and your roommate share a mutual sense of respect and politeness.
You do not have to be the best of friends, but make sure that you develop a friendly relationship.
In order to make this happen, both of you must set the rules early while making sure that these rules are agreed mutually.
This will help you set boundaries for each other.
Clean as You Go When forming the rules, you should give important consideration for certain chores that need to be shared, or carried out individually.
In addition, show some appreciation for your roommate's grooming.
This is to avoid conflicts or arguments over some chores that might be abandoned by any of the parties.
Talk About Time of Sleep While neither of you can impose strict sleeping hours, you may have to talk and agree about keeping the noise down after a certain hour such as shutting the cell phones or music off at night.
The same rule must apply to lighting the room late at night or early morning.
This enables you and your roommate to sleep soundly while one is still up doing his business.
Respect Each Other's Privacy Of course, privacy is an important aspect of any relationship.
Even if you are living in the same room or develop a certain bond of friendship, you should refrain from invading your roommate's personal space and vice versa.
Avoid eavesdropping on his phone and avoid reading his personal papers or letters.
Complain Politely Avoid directly complaining to the landlord about some issues you have with your roommate.
If you have any concern about a certain rule, approach your roommate in a tactful manner.
Do not panic if conflict arises.
The trick here is to address the issues in a polite manner.
This will prevent building and growing tensions between the both of you.
Treat your roommate the way you would like to be treated.
It might be awkward at first, but you never know-- your roommate might just turn out to be a lifelong buddy!
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