How I Got Into Internet Marketing

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I started Internet Marketing about the 2nd of September.
It is now the beginning of October 1st, 2007.
I had many ups and downs.
I'm going to help you have the right path, hopefully you'll take the right choice and use this information to help you in the near future.
I also recommend that you take your research a step further.
The first time I got introduced to Internet Marketing is when I was at the book store with my cousin and I told him that I wanted to start a business.
At this time I did not know about Internet Marketing.
My cousin told me that his friend made 20 000$ in 2 weeks, by doing Internet Marketing.
I remember me saying "How the hell did he do that?" and he replied, "The rich Jerk.
" I didn't believe him at first but I went to The Rich Jerk's site and I read the site.
I finally got extremely curious and I bought there product.
It was the greatest purchase I ever did.
This book did me wonder's.
The Rich Jerk e-book gave me links to sites that where amazing! One of them was Warrior forums.
They introduced me to xsitepro, and they also gave me the links to great article site's such as this one.
Now let me talk to you about Warrior Forums as one of the sites that brings me a lot closer to my success.
This site is by far the best informational forum that I ever been on, wieghter it was a sports forum or bodybuilding forum.
To me it was like winning the lottery.
I should mention that this site is free and it helps you a lot.
You should give it a try.
Ask any question you would like to know.
I guarantee you that you will get a answer within 3 minutes.
From there I learnt a lot in Internet Marketing.
I decided to learn a lot more about it.
I didn't just stop there and decide to make a website and hope that I learnt enough to make money.
Then to realize that this doesn't work and that it's a waste of my time.
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