Extra Large Dog Beds - Extra Special Care

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You know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but from time to time, we forget that their beds do too.
Extra large dog beds aren't necessarily easy to find and purchase so sometimes people try to manage without them.
For both you and your pet, this is a mistake.
The biggest dogs like Great Danes, Afghan hounds, St.
Bernards etc...
are a big responsibility for an owner.
Time and again, people prepare themselves for the extra food, the extra room and the extra exercise that is needed to keep these dogs fit, healthy and happy.
Frequently, their beds can be forgotten.
Some owners even casually think their dog will be fine sleeping on the floor.
This is not so, and forcing dogs to sleep unsupported, without large beds, is just storing up trouble and vet bills for the future.
Fit for purpose Generally, a dog will sleep for 10-12 hours per day, very much like a baby.
You wouldn't just leave your baby to sleep on the floor, would you? So why be so careless with the adored family pet? You should make sure that any dog bed is fit for the needs of your particular dog.
The largest dogs need extra large dog beds.
They, like their smaller counterparts, like to stretch out in their beds, to avoid muscle spasms and cramps, and to get a good rest or sleep.
Just like humans! The bed should be big enough to support all of the dog's body.
Good for health Alas, larger dogs often suffer from joint problems, arthritis, etc...
Large dog beds will help in allowing your dog to sleep or relax in comfort off the hard, cold and sometimes damp ground which would only increase these problems.
You can get beds made of memory foam, which gives more support to the long spines and limbs of the larger dogs.
This can be invaluable in avoiding joint problems later in the dog's life.
Size gives strength When it comes to buying extra large dog beds, it's not only the size that matters.
One has to take into consideration that larger dogs are stronger.
Their bed has to be more heavy-duty so that the sides won't split and the cushioning won't be squashed by their extra weight.
Additionally, larger dogs have a stronger chewing action.
Extra large dog beds should be made more resistant to chewing, so that they stay strong and safe for your dog to use for a long time.
Hygiene As with any dog beds, it is imperative to make sure that the beds are hygienic and can be kept that way.
Covers should be removable and machine washable, and preferably coated with anti-odor Scotchguard to make them stain resistant and keep them smelling fresh.
Water resistance is also an essential factor, regardless of whether your dog has an incontinence problem.
Dogs tend to love playing in water and you don't what the water that stays on their coats to soak into the dog bed as this can cause mold as well as not smelling very good.
Design Extra large dog beds need not look big and awkward in your house; many come in attractive designs and can even be personalized with your dog's name or any message you wish.
Large dog beds are worth it for the comfort and support they give to your favorite dog and the peace of mind you get from knowing that you have done the best for your pet and are more likely to steer clear of vet bills in the future.
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