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After Cusco and its surprising Machu Picchus citadel, the second tourist destination with more visitors in Peru is the Nazca Lines. This enigmatic Lines with animal designs are located in Icas department in south of Lima in the province of Nazca. The hummingbird, monkey, spider, candelabra and whale are some of the most famous figures, remember, you only can appreciate these figures from the sky.

Nazca has a small airport where you can go; any travel to Nazca will be complete if you dont see these huge Lines. Dont forget visiting Peru Hotel in the Incas territory to have a good time. In Nazca city, you also can visit the famous aqueducts and Maria Reiches museum. This German anthropologist studied the Nazca Lines until the day of her death on June 8, 1998. Peru owes her lot of to this strong woman.

Back in Lima, just 6 hours from Ica by bus. Lima has a wide variety of excellent restaurants with traditional Peruvian dishes. Peruvian chefs have won gastronomys awards in many places in the world; the most popular of them is Gaston Acurio. He has a TV show where he teaches how to cook diverse dishes. These are some typical dishes that you ought to eat: aji de gallina, ceviche, escabeche de pollo o pescado, ocopa or papa rellena. You should get a cook book, you will never regret that. Some Peru Hotel have restaurant, ask in the reception before you arrive.

Remember this basic information of Peru to avoid any inconvenient. Nuevo Sol is the local currency, dollars also are accepted and one dollar equals 3 Nuevos Soles. Spanish is the official language; however, some local people also speak Quechua and Aymara, two native languages. Peru has more to discover, come here and book a room in Peru Hotel.
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