DIY: Fixing Leaks in Bathroom Sinks

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    • 1). Run water into the sink and look under the sink to pinpoint where the leak is. You may need to watch it for a few minutes, especially if it is a slow leak. Use your hand to feel around all the connections.

    • 2). Use two pairs of slip joint pliers to tighten the nuts at any connection that may have water seeping from it. Grasp the pipe with one pair of pliers and use the other pair of pliers to turn the nut. Turn the nut one quarter of a turn at a time and watch to see if the leak persists in between turns.

    • 3). Loosen and remove the nut on either end of the p-trap that connects it to the other plumbing if a loose nut was not the problem. Generally, if a loose connection is not the problem, then it usually is a defective p-trap. Remove the p-trap.

    • 4). Fit the existing pipes into a new p-trap. Tighten the nuts one at a time by using one pair of slip joint pliers to hold the pipe steady and turning the nut with the other pair of pliers. Do not over-tighten the nuts. Run water into the sink and if any of the connections leak, tighten the nuts a little at a time until the leak stops.

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