Surf"s Up For Sea Change in Information Marketing

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All the rumors you've heard are true.
You can make tons of money online by publishing and selling information products.
If you have and apply the right knowledge, you could be earning up to $24,000 for a single sale.
First off, let's get our terms straight.
What is an information product? Is it a book? Is it a video? What do I mean by that term? Well, in my definition, an information product is anything that packages up information and then sells it.
So, yes, a book is an information product.
You can buy a book at the bookstore or online for $10~$20.
Sell enough of them, and you can make a nice income.
A step up from books would be audio courses and video courses.
They might cost $50, or $100, or $200, or maybe even more.
You don't need a calculator to tell you there's better money to made in these than in books.
But there's more.
Now we come to the advanced information products, the ones that cost $1,000, $2,000 some even sell for $5,000 or more.
This is towards the high end of the market, the webinars, mastermind groups and online tutorials.
Exclusivity starts to kick in at this information marketing level.
And then we've got the Lamborghini, the one-on-one coaching and consulting programs.
The highest-end coaching program I know of costs $24,000 a year to be a member, and I've met people who say it is worth every penny.
So, there are all kinds of information products.
They can be any format that allows us to package up our information and then sell it as a product.
But how did information marketing get this way? And why does it suddenly seem so much easier to make money online with Internet marketing than to be a bricks-and-mortar retailer? For hundreds of years after Gutenberg invented movable type for printing, not much changed.
Information products really used to be just books.
Then several decades ago, a guy named Earl Nightingale came along and published a vinyl record called The Strangest Secret.
It sold over a million copies! It was the first self-help program ever to go gold.
Well, that's when things really started taking off.
Now we've got everything from audio mini-courses up to multi-thousand dollar seminars.
One of the underlying trends creating this is a sea change in our way of living.
I think it's really important for us to recognize that we're moving from a labor-based world to a knowledge-based economy and a knowledge-based society.
Peter Drucker, the well-known author and management guru, saw this change coming decades ago.
He said we're becoming knowledge workers.
In America, the country at the leading edge of this shift, some 70 percent of the population now fits this definition-people who work with their heads and not necessarily with their hands.
Sure, I know we still might sit at a keyboard and type, but the point is that most of us don't dig ditches or do construction or hard manual labor.
The vast majority of us are working with our minds.
We work with knowledge.
Well, Drucker also saw that the old education system wasn't going to be viable much longer.
The old model trained us to work in factories.
It got us ready to work for big companies, to have a job where we would be doing the same thing day after day, year after year.
Drucker said that system wasn't going to work anymore, because things were changing as we became a knowledge society.
He even predicted that our traditional education systems and institutions were going to crumble and fall.
We're starting to see that happen right now, aren't we? What's left is a gap that needs to be filled-an increasing demand for information products and info marketing.
That's why all of these people are suddenly working in tiny little knowledge-based niches.
They are literally transforming the education industry.
Everyday I see people that are publishing their own information products and selling them online.
They are the beginnings of the education system of the future.
As the transition continues, from being a tangible-manufacturing, labor-based economy to being a knowledge-based society, what will your role be? I am telling you, "Surf's up for sea change in information marketing.
" Are you ready to start an online business and boogie on the crest of this new wave? If so, get set for some exciting times ahead.
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