Certificate Courses in Psychology

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    School Psychology

    • Graduates who wish to work in a school environment with children who are having learning difficulties and other problems will need to complete a special psychology certificate in school psychology. In addition to the courses that a student will take in this program, a residency and field experiences will also need to be completed to earn the certificate. The program focuses on the specific needs of children in regard to psychology, as well as how their mental health relates to their schooling.

    Industrial Psychology

    • Earning a certificate in industrial psychology allows students to specialize in areas that will help those in the workplace with any issues that may occur on the job. The courses in this program focus on helping students learn how to help others deal with work stress, time management, balancing their work and home lives and motivation. Students will study group dynamics to learn to understand how groups work together and how the behavior of one group member can have an impact on the whole group.

    Counseling Psychology

    • Some who work in the psychology field deal primarily with the testing and treatment of individuals with mental issues. However, specializing in counseling psychology and earning a certificate in this area helps students to learn how to listen to a patient's problems and help them to work through these problems. Obtaining a counselor's license requires different education than a license to practice psychology. This certificate program allows students to obtain both licenses. Students who pursue this path must also select a more specialized area in which to work, such as substance abuse counseling, family counseling and vocational counseling.

    Supplemental Psychology

    • Students who have graduated from an undergraduate program other than psychology can still pursue a certficate in psychology to complement their current degree. A supplemental psychology program is completed in as little as two terms by taking many of the same classes that a psychology undergraduate student would take, including introduction to psychology, statistics and psychobiology. Students may also be required to participate in research and attend seminars to expand their knowledge. This certificate program can also lead to advanced degrees in areas such as education, public health and social work.

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