How to Identify Dana 606845-1 Rear Ends

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    • 1). Access the rear of the vehicle if the rear end is still installed. The differential unit is between the two rear wheels when looking forward under the license plate. The rear end has 10 bolts on the back cover.

    • 2). Look on the lower-right corner of the rear end's access plate. The access plate is the rear cover of the differential unit. The Dana model number is stamped on the assembly, and will read "60." This identifies a Dana model 60 rear end. A rag or wire brush may be necessary to clean the area sufficiently to read it.

    • 3). Locate the bill of material number. On the axle, between the rear end unit and the passenger's rear wheel, is the seven-digit bill of material number, which should read "606845-1." The number is located closer to the rear end unit than the wheel. Write this number down if necessary.

    • 4). Enter the bill of material number into the Dana part identification tool, found on the Dana website. When "606845-1" is entered, the exact Dana differential model is identified.

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