Proper Links for Outside Linking

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Links coming to your site are important to SEO.
However not all links are the same.
When you are working on your Outside SEO Linking Strategy, there are several major things to consider.
One way links are more valuable than reciprocal links A one way link is exactly what it sounds like, A link from one site toward yours with out a link from your site going back to there's.
One of the biggest mistakes people make in their Linking strategy is to go after link exchanges.
Link Exchanges In the Google algorithm update of October 2005 Link Exchange Links have been devalued.
What is link exchange you ask? If you put a link from you site to my site and I return the favor with a link from my site to yours.
Think about it, in realistic terms, if I link to you and you link to me, it's just a basic plus one minus one scenario.
What true value is that in real life terms?Google has finally devalued those links.
One way links coming to your site with Keyword Rich anchor text is only true beneficial link.
C-block Links Links should come from various C-Block sources.
Each website has its own unique IP address.
The first set of digits of that IP address are considered the C-block address.
If all your links are coming from the same source or C-Block Address, they are only counted as one link.
You could have 1000 of links but if they are all form the same C-Block Source, guess what.
They are only counted as one!.
Use this Free tool below to check your C-block addresses of your links C block LINK checker: http://www.
So what is the Perfect Link? The perfect links are a one way links none reciprocal that are keyword Rich in anchor text.
Below is the HTML Code for a keyword rich anchor link.
Replace your domain name and Keywords in the proper space.
<a target="_new" rel="nofollow" href="/links/?u=http://domainname.<br/>com">Keyword Rich Anchor text</a>
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