Ideas! How Not To Loose Them

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The difference between a highly successful man and a complete life failure is hinged on how much they value ideas.
Ideas as we all know are a sudden impulse of thought from the mind,most of the time unsolicited for.
Every great enterprise that we know are products of ideas.
Virtually all of us have had ideas cross our minds but the problem is that we, most of the time, discard them as useless.
Believe me, no inspired ideas are useless.
In the bible, Habakkuk 2:2-3.
Habakkuk requested for something from God, God answered him in the form of ideas, but God instructed him to write them down because it is not yet time for the idea to come to reality.
This is the stand of God with most of us.
Anytime God gives us ideas to change our live, if we don't jot it somewhere, the high probability is that it will vanish away forever.
Ideas come in a flash and go in a flash.
If you don't jot down your ideas,you will loose them.
In order to document my inspired ideas, I go about with paper and pen and I do my jotting immediately.
I get it not withstanding where or when? Bill Gates is the president of Microsoft Corporation and currently one of the world richest man on earth.
He made a stunningstatement aboutideas.
Hear him "ideas often come in a flash and leave the same way".
Alfrea North Whitehead rightly affirmed "ideas won't keep, something must be done about them".
My dear readers, I implore you to start jotting your ideas down if you have not been doing it, and don't stop it if you have been doing it.
Ideas are of no doubt the gateway to mark the success of few and the failure of many.
From today,begin to treasure your ideas by nailing them to yourideas book.
See you at the top!
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