How to Share Computers in the Classroom

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    • 1). Create a schedule for computer use to be followed on days that computers are required. Each student will have their own allotted time of 15 minutes to half an hour, in which they can access a computer and complete their work.

    • 2). Post the schedule at the front of the classroom, so that students can easily view their time slot and stay organized.

    • 3). Instruct students to work in partners or groups of three, for computer projects that are solely research or learning experiences. For example, if you instruct them to learn about an endangered species, or get used to using a computer program, they can share and take turns running the machine. Walk about the classroom while this is happening to make sure that each student gets a turn.

    • 4). Have all students save their work on a USB device. This can be a device that they bring in to the classroom themselves, or one that the school provides. This ensures that students can continue working on assignments at a later date or another location, and there is no chance of another student deleting work from the shared computer.

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