Dangers Of Attic Storage

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Perhaps one of the most challenging things when going up into an attack is getting up there without being hurt or falling back down. Understandable your typically climbing 10-15 stairs. Very often your hands are full of boxes, that you're desperately trying not to let drop, fall or in some other way cause damage to them. At the same time, you're leaning forward trying not to fall yourself. All this and your not even a circus act. It's seems amazing at the thought that you're doing all of this and have never fallen. Then once you get up to the attic or crawl space, you have to worry about not falling back down the opening that you've just climbed up. If you do, it's a 10 foot drop and your back and neck, are quit literally likely to be broken. Is it worth the risk? Is using the storage place above your head worth the risk of you falling down and getting harmed? Clearly the answer is no. But then you have to ask the question what can be done about it? It's a good, smart and reasonable question. It's one that deserves and answer and you will get your answer.

Companies that are good at making attic lifts called Versalifts, have also thought of this, it's called Versa-Rail. That's great you say, but what is a Versa-Rail? It's a rail that goes around the opening and protects you from falling through to the floor below you. You can consider the Versa-Rail as a guard rail around the opening of your attic. It has four polls with hand rails on top of them. It even has the entry and exit rails at an angle so you can easily grab them (these are called grab bars). What this does is allow for you to help get that extra support you need when you are on the top steps and allow you to continue to ascend upright until you're in the attic. Then when you go to descend, you will also have extra support when you are going to take those first few steps down on the ladder. Additionally, you'll find that it's easily assembled and can be adjusted to fit different size openings.

There is little expense involved when buying a Versa-Rail. Consider too, what price are you willing to pay for your family's safety. If you or a family member were to fall through the opening, you would pay thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for the injuries that were incurred. Not only that, but if you work you're going to miss lots of time at the office and not have an income coming in, while you're out of commission.

No matter how you look at it, a Versa-Rail is a win-win situation. It's not a matter if you need it, it's a matter of when you're going to by one. You and your family are worth it.

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