House Siding Installation: DIY Or Contractor?

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You have lived in your home for many wonderful years.
Your children grew up here.
It has been a great house, but now it needs some tender loving care.
House siding installation has been a project you have wanted to do for awhile.
Why not now? Is this a project you can do? There are several types of siding available.
Aluminum, stucco, and vinyl are just a few types of siding that are available.
Get some samples of the types of siding and colors that you are considering for your home either through a home improvement store or by ordering online or over the phone.
Look around your area for houses with the different styles of siding on them.
Stop and visit with the home owners and ask them a few questions about their house siding installation.
Some questions to ask are: What type of siding did they have installed? Did they install the siding themselves, or was it done by a contractor.
If a contractor installed the siding, what was the contractors name? Were the home owners happy with the job that the contractor did? Did the contractor do anything that disappointed them? Do they enjoy their chosen siding? Go to your local hardware or lumber store.
Inquire about the siding that the store has, while getting a quote.
Ask what are the popular types of siding in the area, and if they have any suggestions or ideas that may be helpful.
Some sidings are better for certain areas than others.
Contact three or four of the contractors that have been recommended and ask them for a written bid.
Inquire if there are any suggestions or ideas that may be interesting to you.
Now is the time to do a facelift on your home.
After considering all the information that you have collected, you decide the house siding installation will be done by a contractor.
Call the contractor and let him know your choice.
Ask when the project will begin.
Before the contractor starts on the house siding installation, there are a few things that need to be done.
Look around the area around the house any items that could be in the contractors way.
Put away items such as birdbaths and bicycles.
Stake off any plants or areas that you do not want the contractor or his crew to have access to.
Make room for the large dumpster that the contractor ordered.
Room will be needed for the siding when it arrives and any of the contractors equipment.
Let the neighbors know about the contractor that will be there in the morning for the house siding installation.
When you get home the following day from work, you notice that all of the old exterior siding has been removed.
The new house siding installation is done on part of the home.
The decorative trim really complements the siding you picked.
You love the appearance of your home.
Why did you wait so long to do the house siding installation?
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