How to Burn in a Timecode Window on My Avid Video Export

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    • 1). Open the Avid project and timeline you want exported with a timecode burn-in.

    • 2). Click the "Effects" tab in the bottom-left of your Avid screen and select "Generator." Click the "Timecode Burn-In" option that appears in the right-hand panel.

    • 3). Add a new track to your existing timeline and drag the Timecode Burn-In icon onto your new track.

    • 4). Enter the "Effects Editor" window and click the "Timecode Burn-In" drop-down arrow to reveal three Display tracks and one Notes track. Click "Display 1" so it is highlighted and click its drop-down arrow to reveal its parameters.

    • 5). Click the "Timecode" drop-down box (also known as the "Reader" menu) to choose the type of data to display. For example, choose "Timecode" to display a basic timecode of your entire sequence or "Source" to display a timecode for each individual clip in your timeline. (For a basic timecode burn-in, choose "Timecode").

    • 6). Click the second drop-down box (also known as the "Type" menu) to choose how your timecode display is calculated. For example, select "Current Time" to display the current timecode as your video plays in the timeline (best suited for basic timecode burn-ins).

    • 7). Create a "Notes" display by clicking the "Notes Track" drop-down arrow and typing the desired notes into the box.

    • 8). Customize each display's font size and color, background color and position on the screen by clicking the "Appearance" drop-down arrow and dragging each element's slider along its individual slide bar.

    • 9). Save your project and export your video with the desired burnt-in timecode(s).

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