Etiquettes for Addressing Envelopes

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Sending personal letters have been replaced by E-mails years ago for most part. However, business letters are still being sent; therefore there is still a need to know how to properly address an envelope. Addressing an envelope properly will help in getting your letter to the correct destination on time.

Puzzled about what is the proper way to address envelopes? Before you begin with the proper way to address the envelopes, you must be aware of certain letter writing etiquette. The basic etiquettes which should be kept in mind while addressing an envelope are:

  • Use good quality stationery.

  • Begin with hand-writing the invitations and envelope addresses.

  • Spelling mistakes should be avoided.

  • The handwriting should be neat and readable.

  • Maintain the neatness of the envelopes.

  • Always send the invitation and the greetings well in time.

  • All the addresses should preferably be in capital letters with no punctuations.

The correct way to address envelopes is very easy. If you are sending an invitation to someone with whom you have a formal acquaintance like your boss or colleague - follow the same conduct while writing and addressing the envelope.

If the receiver has a middle name, don't use the initial for it, you can write it in full or else you can leave it out completely. In cases where the husband and wife have different

surnames, write full names of both – this is the right way to address them. Always use the complete titles like General, Mayor, Reverend, Lieutenant or Senator. In case of a married couple, if one of them holds a particular title, then that person's name should be written first. Include the children's names as well or write Mr. and Mrs. XYZ ABC and family. To direct an envelope correctly, spelling the city and state name completely is an integral part. Avoid the abbreviations and do remember to include the zip code and/or postal code as well. The above tips also holds true for the envelopes for wedding invitations.

It is easier to address the informal envelopes for greetings to people with whom you are well acquainted. It is not obligatory to use the formal title while addressing a couple that you know very well. Include your address on the left lower corner on the reverse side of the envelope and avoid city/town or state abbreviations. If you sending a season greetings then hand-write the addresses. If you are planning to print out the addresses use simple fonts.

These were some tips about addressing envelopes in the correct style. You can personalise the greetings or informal envelopes, so spend some time handwriting the envelopes; you can be creative as well - try decorating the black envelopes to make it unique and appealing. Small gestures go a long way in making the receiver feel warm. Be clear with your handwriting and do not smudge the ink. Put the appropriate and required stamp amount that is required and do not write vague addresses.

Feel the change and immense satisfaction by sending your loved ones a hand written letter will a well addressed black envelop than the boring and mundane E-mails.

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