Who Is to Blame When It Comes to Our Youth and Drugs?

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We all are or should be aware of the problem which we are facing regarding our youth and drugs, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is a problem which is spiraling out of control and many people are of the opinion that there is nothing they can do about it, it is simply a sign of the times.
Well guess what? This could not be further from the truth, in reality we are all to blame for the problem which exists in regard to our youth and drugs! Now that might just be a bit of a bitter pill to swallow if your life or the life of a loved one is being affected by drugs but it is the truth especially when it comes to the current situation we are in with our youth and drugs.
We need to understand that even though it might not always be related to street drugs, as a society we are raising our children in a drug dependent society and this is playing a major roll in the acceptance levels between our youth and drugs.
We are conditioning our children to turn to the quick fix of a pain pill, antidepressants, calmatives and any number of other drugs to handle problems which the medical companies and doctors have created in order to make more money.
Children are growing up being given all sorts of medication to handle all sorts of problems which in times gone by would have been handled with more love, communication and attention.
They are used to having to pop a pill or drink a mixture in order to get immediate relief from any number of complaints and I believe this is playing a big role in the problem which we have with our youth and drugs.
It also makes it far easier and acceptable to then switch to harder street drugs and the problem is this is a major gateway between our youth and drugs.
It becomes easier to pop that ecstasy pill, that sleeping pill, to take a shot of cocaine or heroin and in general to make the switch to street drugs.
I know this was very much the case in my own life and it led me down a road to addiction and suffering for many years and believe me, when it comes to the youth and drugs, not many are as lucky as I was to get out alive.
That is the reason why I have decided to dedicate myself to helping more and more people overcome this problem and to actually survive the challenge which is being thrown their way, especially when it comes to our youth and drugs, as are they not meant to be our future?
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