How Mini Courses Work For an Internet Marketing Business

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If you want to continue to attract customers to your web site, a mini course is a great way to do so.
Here are some of the more technical aspects of how to actually implement a mini-course for your internet marketing business.
When your web site visitor signs up, he or she receives part 1 immediately.
I welcome them to the course and give them a link to the 1st lesson.
This is the first email and they receive it immediately.
The 2nd email is part 2 of the mini-course and it will highlight a different point.
In the 3rd email, I may go ahead and promote an affiliate program.
In the 4th email, I promote part 3 of the mini-course.
These emails should be 2-3 days a part.
This will allow them to be frequent, but not overbearing.
When doing a product launch, if you are going to do a teleseminar, you do not have to launch the mini-course first.
You can have the mini-course and the teleseminar go on at the same time.
The mini-course gives you a reason for emailing your web site visitor 5 times in a 10-day period.
Once your visitor has received all of the parts to your mini-course, you should send emails featuring tips and strategies once every 7 days.
This is like a newsletter for your internet marketing business.
Both the mini-course and the newsletter should be loaded up into your autoresponder as follow up emails.
On top of the mini-course and newsletter, you can also send a message to your entire list at the same time.
This is called a broadcast email.
You would use broadcasts to promote upcoming events like teleseminars or webinars.
You would also use a broadcast for any time sensitive information.
For example, if you have an offer that expires at a certain time, you can send a reminder to your list to let them know this.
When you send a broadcast email, your entire list receives it at the same time.
I trust that you see the value of creating an email list using a mini-course to keep your visitors coming back to your web site for your internet marketing business.
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