Does Your Inventory Management Software Manage, Track, and Optimize Your Entire Stock?

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In the auto parts industry and engineering support industry, managing and effectively controlling stock levels is an essential element in squeezing every last dollar onto the bottom line. If your business has an inventory management software system in place, does it manage, track, and optimize your entire inventory? Does it, in one seamless and transparent operation, track merchandise from the moment it is received into warehouse through the complete handling and sales cycle and keep all stakeholders updated with clear and transparent reports on location, stage and where the order is in the system? Does the Inventory control software deployed in your business immediately generate an invoice ready to dispatch to the client?

If the answer is 'NO' to any of these questions, the chances are, your inventory management system is underperforming in many ways, and, at best, is inefficient and still needs human oversight. Far better to utilize a software package that only relies on human input at stock receipt, order picking, dispatch, and delivery by way of barcode readers and handheld tracking devices €" one that also alerts all stakeholders of the progress of the order at every point in the stock and sales life cycle.

Order picking is much more efficient when accuracy improves, and if the software management system is set up correctly, errors in stock picking and order completion, in such areas as auto parts and engineering parts and spares logistics, can be reduced to zero. By taking the human element as far as possible out of the supply and management chain, errors found are then picked up by the system, and messages can be relayed to a particular department or individual indicating the error€¦which can then be resolved.

When spares, parts, and accessories are due to leave for their final destination, then, all errors should have been rectified; errors in the stock control management system will be few and far between and are traceable back to the last point of positive contact. Theft and fraud are reduced to the point of zero, since the system shows where discrepancies in numbers between digital and actual inventories occur. There is traceability in the system.

More detailed information with regard to inventory management software €" the features and benefits of seamless management and optimization of entire stock control practices €" can be found at the website of HandiFox. Log on to their website today; a demo version is available. Try before you buy! The website address for reference, information, or product ordering is

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