Get Free Traffic To Your Website Through SEO - 10 Must Have Features

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Taking advantage of the high volume of daily traffic on the internet does not require you to be a genius or an expert.
It also does not require a huge sum of funds for its execution.
All that is required is what you already have - common sense.
According to statistics, 99% of people who start using the Internet start by searching for stuff via search engines.
At the initial stage of building your website, to ensure that you tap (for little or nothing) into the high volume traffic gotten from search engines, you should have the following information at the tip of your fingers: * In the regular business world, they say "Customer is king".
In the world of internet business, "Content is king".
Uploading your site with information which is relevant to your targeted visitors should be your first priority * The inclusion of keywords relating to the main subject of your site is also important.
You should have keywords strategically placed across your content.
Important parts of your contents that need to contain keywords include your post title, your first and last paragraphs and any other strategic points.
* Carry out a quick research on topics relating to your main subject which are most sought after by visitors.
You can do this through online forums centered on your subject matter.
The content of your site and web pages should be centered on your findings.
* The design and layout of your website is as important as the quality of the content.
The site should have a layout that is easily understandable and easy to move through.
It is important for your potential visitors to easily navigate through it as well as search engine robots who have the responsibility of listing your site in search results.
* Ensure that all pages for proper identification by search engines are manually submitted rather than via the automated systems which are much less reliable and trusted.
It is an easy task which can be done by you or by someone hired to do it.
* You should keep track of and monitor the activities of perceived competitors as this will keep you abreast of current trends and site updates.
* You should have tags, tiles and meta tags relating to your own personalized compilation of keywords within your web pages * You should have an effective web host which informs you of which marketing strategies are more effective than others.
You should subsequently put given suggestions to practice by implementing the more effective strategies * It is important to leave a lasting impression in the mind of your visitors so they can pay regular visits and also refer your site to other visitors.
You can do this by offering free newsletters, free updates and any other thing you think they might be interested in.
* Make your website lively and interactive.
It should be run in the same manner a real life store would be run - regular updates, feedback from visitors, implementing suggestions etc.
Search Engines are the main key to generating free, high volume traffic on your site.
It is important to implement this at the initial stages before delving into more complex internet marketing strategies.
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