How to Use a Flat Repair Kit

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    • 1). Place the top tube of your bicycle frame onto the clamp of the repair stand. Lower the corresponding lever to fasten the clamp around the top tube. Locate the hub in the center of your bicycle wheel. Lift the hub levers and remove the wheel from the frame of your bicycle.

    • 2). Locate the air valve of your damaged tire. Remove the cap from the valve. Deflate the tire by pressing the head of the tire lever into the center of the valve. Insert the hooked end of the tire lever between the deflated tire and the wheel. Fasten the opposing end of the tire lever around the nearest wheel spoke.

    • 3). Insert a second tire lever about 6 inches away from the first one. Fasten the end of the lever around the corresponding wheel spoke. Repeat the process with a third tire lever to lift the tire bead over the rim. Run the lever around the rim to free the side of the tire.

    • 4). Pull the bead (edge) of the tire away from the wheel. Remove the punctured tube from the hollow body of the rubber tire. Inflate the tube using a standard bicycle pump. Listen for a hissing sound to locate any holes or lacerations in the tube. Select an appropriately sized patch from your flat-tire repair kit.

    • 5). Rub the small piece of sandpaper around the hole or laceration. Make sure the sanded area is slightly larger than the patch. Apply a small amount of rubber cement over the entire area that surrounds the hole or laceration. Remove the paper backing from the patch. Place the patch over the thin layer of rubber cement.

    • 6). Inspect the inside of the tire to guarantee the sharp object has been removed. Inflate the tube partially to ensure it does not wrinkle during the installation process. Insert the newly repaired tube back into the hollow body of the tire, valve stem first. Use the bicycle pump to fully inflate your tire tube.

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