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How to Get a Movie to Play on a Nano iPod

Depending on the storage capacity of your iPod Nano, the device can hold anywhere from one to eight full-length feature films in addition to a library of music and photos. The trick to getting a movie onto the device itself is to convert it to the proper format. You can use freeware available on t

How to View Recorded Videos on Your iPod on the Computer

The iPod Nano and iPod Touch devices both feature rear-facing cameras capable of capturing video content. You can watch your recorded videos right on your device, but if you want to edit or share them with other people, you will want to transfer the video files to your computer. The iPhoto applicati

How to Use TextNow With Whistle on an iPhone

TextNow with Whistle is a text messaging application for your iPhone. After downloading and installing the TextNow application on your iPhone, you can send text and picture messages with the application over a Wi-Fi or cellular data network without incurring any text messaging charges from your cell

How to Record CDs to an iPod

Apple's iPod is a portable audio and video player that will allow you to carry thousands of songs on a small handheld device. It is perfect for music fans who want to keep all of their music with them at all times. If you already own music on audio CDs, you can also transfer them to your iPod by usi

How to Sync an iPhone Over Wi-Fi

Syncing your iPhone doesn't mean that you need to plug your phone into your computer anymore. Now you can sync via Wi-Fi. Find out how.

Share Your Mac's Printer With Windows 7 Users

For Mac printer sharing to work, you will need to enable the printer sharing function on your Mac. We will assume you already have a printer connected to your Mac that you wish to share on your network.

U.S. Open iPhone App Review

The official U.S. Open app from the United States Golf Association offers live video coverage for the upcoming tournament, in addition to a detailed course profile and player bios. If you can't stay glued to your television during the U.S. Open, you'll want to check out this new app.

Can You Make Your iPhone & iPod Volume Louder?

The iPod touch and iPhone are similar devices capable of running many of the same applications. The iPod touch has both external speakers and a headphone out port. In addition, the iPhone has a built-in receiver speaker. When using your device, you may find the volume difficult to hear. You can incr

How to Transfer iPhone Applications Onto a Mac

Home sharing allows you to transfer and store your iPhone applications and other iTunes purchases on up to five computers. This function enables you to manage your family's iTunes purchases at home, letting you share purchases. This capability is also a quick way to back up your application purchase

How to Use iPhone As a Portable Hard Disk

Aside from being able to make phone calls, send text messages and emails, browse the web, and chat face-to-face with someone using Skype, you can also use your iPhone as a portable hard disk. With your phone being used as a hard disk, you can transfer and store files, folders, documents, emails, and

How to Take Pictures Off Your iPod

The iPod touch two built-in cameras -- one on the front and one on the back -- each capable of shooting photos that can be stored on the device. If you use photo editing software on your PC, however, you might want to transfer your photos from your iPod touch to your computer. You can do so using th

How to Transfer Contacts From an iPhone to a Mac

Many people do not even remember phone numbers anymore. Instead, cell phone users rely on the contact information stored in their phones. The iPhone allows users to save contact information and add it to an application called "Contacts." Although this is extremely convenient for many users, it is im

An Easy Guide to Clean Installing OS X Mountain Lion on a Startup Drive

OS X Mountain Lion supports performing a clean install of the OS, but the process may not be self-evident. You can perform a clean install on a startup drive, a second internal drive, or an external drive. The process of performing a clean install on a startup drive is a little different than perfor

How to Charge iPods Using USBs

The USB cable that comes with every iPod serves two purposes: to connect your device to your computer so you can add music and update it, and to charge the iPod. All iPods have a lithium-ion battery that stops charging when the battery is full so the overall life of your battery is not affected if y

How to Copy a Photo to an iPod

It's easy to copy a photo to your iPod using iTunes. If you're using a Windows computer, you can view JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG and BMP image formats on your iPod. JPEG is a common file extension for photos taken with digital cameras, so the photo you want to copy to your iPod is probably already in a co

Can I Use an iPhone As an iPod?

It's hard to make decisions in the face of cool technological gadgets, but if you chose an iPhone over an iPod it's probably because you really needed the phone function. IPods have plenty of extra features beyond just playing music, but you can't turn them into a phone -- unless you're a tech wizar

How to Turn iPods Into Hard Drives

Apple's iPod functions mainly as a media player that can play music and video, depending on the model. It's also possible to use the iPod as an external hard drive. Configuring the iPod as a storage drive won't disable its ability to play music added in iTunes. The iPod sees files added in storage m

How to Set Up an iPod Shuffle on a Computer

Whereas the iPod Classic and iPod Nano are meant to hold medium to large amounts of music for portable listening, the iPod Shuffle is suitable for playlist synchronization because of its small storage capacity. The iPod Shuffle retrieves music from iTunes, which holds your music, podcasts and videos

How to Force a Shutdown on an iPhone 3G

Sometimes an iPhone gets frozen. This iPhone can be considered frozen when buttons stop working, or the screen is stuck on a particular item. While there are many reasons that an iPhone can get frozen, the most common occurrence is when the code in a particular iPhone application conflicts with anot