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How to Identify Antique 9-oz. Ribbed Green Bottles

That dusty old green bottle in your grandmother's basement may actually be worth something. The 19th through the early 20th centuries marked an era of prolific bottle making in America. Most glass bottles were light green, yellow or brown, not colorless, due to use of cheap materials and the glass-m

How to Make an Origami Concorde

Concorde may have made its final commercial flight in 2003, but you can relive its majesty with an origami replica. By folding a sheet of ordinary copy paper you can make a model of the distinctively designed supersonic passenger jet. An origami Concorde takes its construction cue from an origami bi

How to Make Your Own WWJD Bracelet

The single letters printed on white letter beads of a WWJD bracelet stand for "What would Jesus do?" The acronym WWJD is worn by Christians as a symbol and reminder of their faith. Many Christians strive to be good people, and by wearing the reminder, they can ask themselves that very question when

How to Make a Rope Hammock Weaving Stand

This stand for making rope hammocks can be used for weaving hammock beds from five to seven feet long. Being easy to set up and light weight, it is portable meaning the weaving can be done anywhere there is room to set it up. This hammock weaving stand is cheap and easy to make and requires only a f

What Do You Make Potpourri Satchels Out Of?

Potpourri satchels can be made from any dried, scented materials that smell pleasant to you. The materials must be completely dried before bundling them into satchels to prevent mildew from forming.

How to Make a Wood Quilt Frame

In the days of our colonial and pioneer ancestors, the quilting bee was an important social event. After a long winter of piecing quilt tops, women and girls would gather around a wooden quilt frame in the home of the hostess to finish the quilt and chat. Today, it is easy to build a portable wood q

How to Fix a Zipper That Came Completely Off the Track

Having a broken zipper doesn't necessarily mean that you have to get rid of the garment or that you even need to take it to a tailor to be repaired. The zipper stop, which is the part of the zipper that moves, is designed to "knit" the zipper teeth together. If it comes off, the zipper can still be

How to Make Layered Plastic Beaded Bracelets

Special magnetic bracelet clasps found at beading supply stores make creating layered plastic beaded bracelets a snap. The plastic beads are available in a variety of colors and sizes at craft stores. Making these casual and inexpensive layered bracelets would be an appropriate craft project during

How to Make a Tiny Sock Monkey

Stuffed animals can be a child's best friend. A sock monkey makes the perfect stuffed animal. Not only is it made by hand and with love, it can be customized to match the child's personality. Sock monkeys aren't difficult to make if you have a bit of skill in sewing, and they are a friend that will

How to Make Safe Finger Paints for Babies

Children of a certain age are inclined to put anything they can touch or grab into their mouths. Therefore, if you want to encourage your very young child to explore color and artistic creation, you'll need a finger paint that's so safe it won't harm him if and when he swallows it. Make your own chi

How to Mount Beaded Pictures

Beaded pictures are made of multiple beads, each colored to create a mosaic image in lieu of paint. Protecting these potentially delicate pieces is possible by framing the beaded picture, using very similar methods as those employed when framing fine artwork or photography.

How to Care for a Man-made Opal Ring

Man-made opal rings are quite beautiful, bearing a close resemblance to natural opal with iridescent rainbow markings. Synthetic opal rings are sometimes made using a man-made glass called Slocum stone, spheres of silica, or mixtures of natural opal chips and colored glass. Unlike natural opal rings

Video: How to Make Dividers for Binders

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Linda Hutchinson. Today, I'm going to show you how you can make dividers for binders. This is the kind of divider that's readily available in most stationery and discount type stores. It comes with holes punched for the binder and a little tab that you can slip...

Directions for No Sew Curtains

Curtains offer privacy from the outside world as well as add to the decor of a room. While department stores sell a variety of curtains to suit almost any decor style, making your own curtains allows you to have even more control over the look of a room through your fabric selection. Don't worry if

How to Attach Crochet Lace to Fabric

Crochet lace, available at fabric stores in the trimmings department or at vintage fabric stores, adds a delicate and luxurious touch to hems and sleeves. It can also be used as a decorative trim for throw pillows, napkins and tablecloths. Crochet lace features a sturdier, yet dressier look than tra

How to Make a Hidden Magnetic Bottle Cap Magnet

Instead of chucking bottle caps into the trash, turn them into handy recycled magnets for your fridge or office. Even if you aren't an avid bottle cap collector, this simple and inexpensive craft is an entertaining way to pass the time on a rainy day. Use any bottle caps you like to complete the act

How to Fix Uneven Polyurethane Coverage

When it comes to finishing furniture or hardwood floors, polyurethane is the key to protecting and preserving the stain. Applying polyurethane in even coats is a crucial, though not always simple task. Typically, two to three coats are used with sanding in between coats to even them out. However, do

How to Make a Felted Quilt Wall

A felted wall for quilt-making is a place where a quilt designer can arrange quilt blocks into a desired pattern without having to use a large flat surface or straight pins. The felt wall provides the ideal surface to stick quilt blocks. The rough surface of the felt wall grabs onto the quilt blocks

The Best Way to Clean Brass in a Rotary Tumbler

One of the best and easiest ways to clean brass is to place it in a rotary tumbler. This is especially useful if you have a large number of small items to clean and do not want to clean them individually. Rotary tumblers are often used to clean brass bullet casings for people who reload casings on t

How to Make Bow Pillows

Bow pillows are the perfect accessory to any entertaining space or bedroom. There are so many different color combinations and selections of fabrics to choose from, you can match any style or decor. This simple guide to making a bow pillow requires no sewing, and is perfect for people of all ages.